Risk Management for Nonprofits

Leslie WhiteCroydon Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm, helps nonprofit organizations including associations prepare for the unexpected. Uncertainty or the possibility that a future event may cause unexpected results surrounds us and if our clients don’t manage the risks and opportunities than the results can impede our clients’ growth and success. The future event or risk can have a positive, negative or neutral result. Through risk assessment, analysis, and management, Croydon Consulting helps its clients manage uncertainty while enabling them to build capacity, serve its constituents, and assure the organization’s continued viability and success.

We assist our clients in deciding how much risk and which risks they are willing to accept in pursuit of their strategic objectives. Croydon Consulting helps clients increase their awareness of risk and have a clear idea of what risks and activities are acceptable. Managing risk needs to be a part of a nonprofit organization’s culture and incorporated within their strategic and operational plans.

Croydon Consulting is sensitive to the risks inherent in nonprofits’ missions and operations. The consultancy has extensive experience providing a wide range of insurance and risk management services to nonprofit organizations.

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