Risk Management Consulting

Management Team Decision Making

Management teams make critically important decisions, yet rarely assess themselves on the quality and speed of the decisions they make. Pitfalls like everyone defining “risk” differently or a culture of avoiding conflict, or misunderstanding the meaning of “consensus” rarely get addressed. In this project I team up with leadership and conflict resolution expert Jamie Notter and growth expert Elizabeth Engel to offer a full-day workshop for management teams where these issues are identified and tackled, leaving the team equipped to make better decisions, faster.

Risk Management Program

Create, review and refine your entire risk management program or select parts of the program. Options include:

  • Risk Management Strategy — Assess your organization’s appetite for risk and its risk culture. Use a strategic approach to write your risk management policy statement and establishing goals and objectives for your enterprise risk management program.
  • Risk Management Program Structure — Establish committee or task force, position descriptions, roles and responsibilities.

Risk Assessment

Conduct a risk assessment of a specific program, unit or the entire organization. Involve the key people within your organization to identify the priority risks to be addressed.

Risk Management Policies

Review, revise and develop various policies and procedures.

Risk Management Solutions

In addition to establishing policies and procedures, develop other risk management techniques of your operations.

Examples of Clients and Projects

Risk Assessments

The extent of each assessment varies with the needs and expectations of the client.

  • Large residential program for at-risk youth. Organization operates a school system, residential facilities for children from ages 3 to 18, vocational opportunities, therapy and other services. Family re-unification is a goal so the organization coordinates additional social services for the parents of children in its care.
  • United States affiliate of international membership association with local chapters, special interest groups and national programs. Membership includes both youth and adults with extensive programming for children.
  • National corporate foundation specializing in homeownership and housing issues to build healthy communities across the United States. Assessed the grant process, publications, development of a knowledge network and its direct service charitable activities. The foundation also focuses on serving its local non-profit community.
  • Regional non-profit providing mobile medical care to the uninsured and homeless population of north central Maryland and south central Pennsylvania.

Risk Management Solutions

Croydon Consulting assists nonprofit organizations develop various policies, procedures and programs to manage the identified risks including:

  • Assisted with development and implementation of code of conduct for participants including procedures for reporting, investigating and appealing allegations of misconduct
  • Developed online training materials for establishment of youth protection programs
  • Established contract review and approval process for several clients. Also reviewed contracts for insurance and risk management considerations including sponsorship and marketing agreements
  • Facilitated business impact analysis for business continuity plan for an international trade association
  • Provided outsourced risk management services for a weekend-long special event involving a celebrity softball game and street festival

Insurance Consulting

Insurance is the primary risk management technique for associations and nonprofits. Therefore it is vitally important for an organization’s insurance program to be appropriate and adequate. The consultant works with your insurance agent or broker to address your insurance needs. Croydon Consulting does not sell nor endorse any insurance policies or products.

Insurance Evaluation

Conduct an insurance-specific risk assessment to evaluate your property and casualty insurance program in terms of coverages, limits, terms and conditions, and insurance companies. Written report provides recommendations to enhance your insurance program.

Broker Selection

First, assess your needs and expectations of an insurance broker and then help you select the appropriate broker for your organization.

Insurance Specifications

Help you develop specifications or request for proposal for your property and casualty insurance program and manage the bid process for you.

Proposal Comparisons

poolAnalyze the competitive insurance proposals received to help you select the appropriate insurance program.

Insurance Program Administration

Set up administrative procedures to manage your insurance program including certificates of insurance processing, claims management and coordination of insurer involvement.

Contract Review

Review contracts from an insurance and risk management perspective. Establish a contract review and approval process to evaluate the indemnification provisions and insurance requirements to avoid detrimental agreement.

Examples of Clients and Projects

An insurance evaluation begins with a risk assessment focusing on insurable exposures. Services also include broker selection, insurance procurement process, and program review.

  • National health organization with state chapters, regional offices, programs and services for children and adults, extensive fundraising activities, and publications
  • Two International professional associations with local chapters, large annual meeting, publications, electronic commerce, and facilities
  • International religious campus-based organization
  • National membership sports organization providing extensive educational materials, sports certification and events
  • International missionary organization
  • Analysis of captive insurance company option
  • Insurance program development for national health care organization
  • Numerous youth-serving organizations (national, state and local)

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