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I have the privilege of directing the Adaptive Snowsports Program (teaching people with disabilities to ski and snowboard) at Liberty Mountain Resort in South Central Pennsylvania. Each season I am amazed by the dedication of our instructors and the joy they bring to our students and their families. This spring was especially rewarding since we hosted a Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project event. We hosted seven military personnel and their families to a weekend of skiing and snowboarding. The participants had experienced severe physical and emotional injuries while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Several of the soldiers had skied or snowboarded before their injuries and were re-introduced to a sport they loved. Others were first timers that went through the usual beginner’s travails of falling, almost getting it, and then mastering the sport. Whenever I teach or watch our instructors work with our students I am reminded of our universal humanity — we all have special gifts to share with each other. I always learn more from my students and other instructors than they learn from me — I’m one lucky person.

Students, families, volunteers and instructors from the Wounded Warrior Weekend at Liberty Mountain Resort – March 4, 2007 (above, right)

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